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8 March 2019

Every woman needs to understand, discover and discover herself. Every woman has the courage to take a step in her life. The most beautiful beginning of a woman is her hair to recreate herself. You can’t imagine what a woman with a happy hair will do. Women’s powers are in their hair. Feel the power in your hair! Make yourself happy! If you’re happy, you can make Earth beautiful.

I want to touch your whole life with all the hair I touch. Sometimes I want you to see what a little touch can change in a street style, an elegant invitation at night, a daily work pace or your classic home style.

You don’t have to be a new one every day. Restart every day with a new you and act as if you were born again every day. Don’t postpone what you want, be yourself, you’re so much more beautiful.

One day straight, one day curly, sometimes wavy. Leave it messy when you don’t want to, but don’t be afraid to reflect your own style again. Know yourself, think and imagine, leave the rest to me. I can’t wait to figure out what you’il do with a little touch.

If you’ve noticed yourself, come on, hurry up!

Emrah Demirci

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