Feel the sparkle with Freelight!

28 July 2019

You know, like any woman, you want to change, but you don’t dare. Enjoy renewal freely with The Most Freelight.

This trend, which was preferred to give the hair a soft and fresh light with the small touches applied, was very popular. In my opinion, it has more natural and softer transitions than ombre. I mean, in this application, the aim is not to have the chemical treated, but to gain an air like the sun.

If you don’t want to have a different color from your own hair without changing your hair color and you love the naturalness, it will be wonderful that only the sun’s shine will be reflected on your hair.

The difference of this color with Bronzlight, which results from the gentle application of only slightly lighter colors than the natural hair color, in fine tuft around the hairline, is the complement of your natural hair color.

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